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SquirroGPT - Mixtral

SquirroGPT Web is a preconfigured Squirro application that allows you to crawl your website and then query your data through an interface powered by Squirro’s information retrieval stack and a state-of-the-art large language model (LLM).

To experience the SquirroGPT Web application, you have two options: test drive or install the application. Differences in the options are listed below:

Test Drive Get started in less than a minute. This free test drive provides you with an opportunity to access and try out the SquirroGPT Web application. The test drive cannot be upgraded to a full deployment.

Install App This 14 day free trial provides you with your own fully functioning Squirro installation, which can be upgraded to a full deployment upon request. You will be up and running in less than half an hour.

After choosing the option that suits you best and crawling your website, you’ll be presented with an intuitive digital assistant interface that allows you to interact with your data using natural language queries and embed a version of the digital assistant on your website.

Screenshot of SquirroGPT - Mixtral
Screenshot of SquirroGPT - Mixtral